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We are constantly reviewing our technology and investing in new solutions to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

Instant Order Updates

HBC have always advocated the development of technology to improve our service and increase effective communication with our clients. With so many customers placing their trust in us, we need feel it’s our duty to keep you fully informed of the progress of your goods.

Our interactive text and email service will give you true insight into each shipment. We know we can deliver on our promises and our transparent approach lets you follow the process every step of the way. With updates informing you of all aspects of despatch, progress and delivery, nothing is left to chance.

We also use the ground breaking Smart Logistics Manager system. This allows a constant stream of communication with our drivers, enabling us to pinpoint specific deliveries and adapt drop off routes in an instant. By tracking our fleets so closely, we remain in full control of your goods from start to finish.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

All our shipments make use of electronic proof of delivery technology, adding an essential secure element to the service we provide. Signatures are digitally recorded and stored alongside vital delivery details. This provides the most reliable way of verifying delivery information, which can later be downloaded and utilised in a variety of digital or paper formats.

Realtime GPS Tracking

Advances in satellite tracking technology have provided fantastic opportunities to build on the service we provide. We use revolutionary GPS tracking software to keep track of the progress of our fleets in real time. This helps us control and adapt the service we deliver, enabling increased flexibility every step of the way. You’ll be pleased to know that the same information is available to our customers, so you can also keep a precise track of your goods and know exactly when they are scheduled to arrive.

Virtual Warehouse

Every aspect of our warehousing and fulfilment services is digitalised, ensuring we know exactly where we stand with every single order we process. By implementing a virtual warehouse we remain in control each step of the way. We can access precise details about any order at the click of a button, locating goods instantly and simply. Not only does this eliminate the risk of goods going missing, it means we can keep our clients fully updated.

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